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March 7, 2012
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Sooo here it is my Dress up Monroe project. I don't want to show his full body because he is naked now xD But don't worry, It's will be a "full body" dress up game :D
Now I have a few questions for you. Please help me to make this game perfect for the Grimm fans.

Half realistic, half don't know what Monroe :P

What song would be good for background music? In my opinion It's must be a cello solo or something like that to fit to Monroe. Please link me some music which you think it would be good.
And what's clothes you want to I make? I make it except if it's too girly... I don't want to make him girly :I

Sooo write me, I don't bite. Im not that kind of blutbad : P haha.

- New hairs, shoes, clothes etc not just from Monroe's wardrobe
- Background music (hope I can make play and stop button)
- Pages for easier playing and searching for clothes
- Fixed old things
- Animations for Monroe (that he will can talk to you :P)

New description!
I made a demo for that you can try it. The full game will come in this week.

About the background... I know it's soooooo bad xD I used a picture of Singapore for it to reference or I don't know which is the good word for it. Bwah :c Sorry!
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JulieSoM Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist
It could be a option of his human/blutbad face
swordlady99 Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
please, monroe TALK TO ME!!!!
I love Monroe! It is fun to dress up blutbodden!
Very well drawn.
swordlady99 Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice underwear!!!!!
swordlady99 Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
17th-july Mar 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh my gosh, that's pure win! I'm gonna play it all day lol

Song: I really don't know. I'm actually okay with no background music. ^^;; But, if you really insist... Cello music. =D

Clothes: I definitely want the essential piece of his wardrobe: cardigans. Gotta dress up our Monroe in sweaters, yeah?
Lets see... What else... Plaid shirts! Maybe a tux, just for fun. (James Bond Monroe, yay!) Oh! A superhero costume would be awesome. (Super Blutbad!)

Background: I like the background, don't beat yourself up over it. :)

One last note, I'm pretty sure Monroe's name isn't Eddie... Pretty sure, yeah...

Anywho, this game is looking good! Can't wait for you to finish it! =D
LNico Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course I will make all his clothes what I know :D And some of my ideas was what are you said before so, sure I will make your ideas too! :D

About his name, maybe Im wrong because in my country (Hungary) they play the Grimm for 4 weeks so I have a very small knowledge about it but I searched for the characters and I found his name and it was Eddie Monroe on every pages about Grimm.

Thanks for your comment! :)
No problem! I'm glad I could help. It's looking real good so far.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Could you make him a grandma nightgown outfit like the little red riding hood story? Bisho-s did it in a pic and it's sooo funny. XD And maybe a steampunk outfit... (steampunk = gears = clock making?)

You're from Hungary? Wow, I continue to be amazed at how far this show has spread. :)
LNico Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course I will :D But Im afraid that I can do it now because my computer is full of viruses :C
Yes, Im amazed too because not so many good shows, like the Grimm, playing in Hungary. There is 1 problem that just a few episodes plays in the TV. But luckily there is the net to watch it in English : P
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